Hold on to this old home a world away (mcgooglykins) wrote,
Hold on to this old home a world away


SO HEY. I'm writing things and I need help procrastinating usefully. As in, staring at Tumblr or Echo Bazaar for ten/fifteen/one hundred minutes at a time when I get stuck on something does really help me waste said time, but it doesn't keep my ~creativeness~ going. I need to keep my ~creativeness~ going. Otherwise the fic will NEVER. EVER. GET WRITTEN. It has to get written or I will go insane because I have lots of unfinished things hanging over my head and I do not like this. I feel they are a stain on my character.

BUT! I have a solution to this problem. ONE THAT YOU GUYS CAN HELP ME WITH.

Give me prompts for that 'Create Your Own TV Show' meme, and I will create them ALL. In between writing this damn fic. AND YOU'RE ALL GOING TO GIVE ME WONDERFUL PROMPTS BECAUSE YOU ALL LOVE ME VERY MUCH, RIGHT? OF COURSE YOU DO.
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